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There are different dimensions in categorizing models, even though currently we only have a flat list of model categories.

Conceptual model is a category on one end of a continuum of "computation readiness", with the opposite end with models that are integrated with a computation engine so that the models compute.

Decision models, evaluation models, process models and simulation models are classified based on the model purpose. Process models and simulation models are for modeling the "working" of a system (current or hypothesized). Evaluation models are for evaluating the condition of the current state of the system, or the state of some hypothesized system (that can be used to evaluate the current state of the system, or to assess the impact of a hypothesized system). Decision models are for choosing or prioritizing different options (for changing the current state of the system).

Statistical model refers to the method used modeling. Often used for representation models (models that represent a state of the system.

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