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Has Predicate Order

the display order of the predicates on the SDS Portal. The predicates in SDS ontologies will be ordered on Portal display according to the ascending order of this property, with -1 meaning not to be displayed.

Order of predicates:
General info : 100
Decision problem type : 300
Decision context : 400
Application domains : 500
Knowledge domains : 600
Workflow : 700
Methods : 800
Tools and models : 900
Process models : 1000
Data models : 1100
Data, data source : 1200
Other GIS resources : 1300
Case studies : 1500
Literature : 1600
Related website : 1700
People : 1800
Organization : 1900
Collaboration : 2000
Domain ontology predcates :3000
SubClass etc : 5000
Ending info : 6000
Predicates not to display: -1

Note that that general info incluides Name, Description, etc. A class alwasy use the general name field if it want it to be displayed before other general info such as description.

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