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Planning Support Systems

Planning Support Systems (PSS) involves a wide diversity of geo-technology tools (geographical information an spatial modeling systems) that have been developed to support public or private planning processes (or parts thereof) at any defined spatial scale and within any specific planning context. In particular, they are developed to support the derivation and evaluation of alternative futures. According to Harris and Batty (1993), the concept PSS refers to an appropriate model for combining a range of computer-based methods and models into an integrated system that can support the planning function. More precisely, a PSS forms a framework in which three sets of components are combined: the specific planning tasks and problems at hand; the system models that inform the planning process through analysis, prediction and prescription; and the transformation of basic data into information which in turn provides the driving force for modeling and design (cyclic process). Alternatively, Klosterman (1997, 1999) and Brail and Klosterman (2001) describe PSS as information technologies that are used specifically by planners to perform their unique professional responsibilities, and as a framework of integrated systems of information and software, which bring together the three components of traditional decision support systems - information , models, and visualization - into the public realm. The research and application areas of PSS overlap a great deal with that of Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS).

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