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Green River Sustainable Rivers Project

The natural flow regimen of the Green River, one of the most diverse systems in the US, has been negatively affected by four man-made reservoirs in the upper watershed, including Green River Lake. In 1998 The Nature Conservancy and the US Army Engineer District, Louisville prepared a more ecologically compatible water-release schedule for the lake, designed to protect and enhance natural spawning of specific fish and freshwater mussel species. This complex project provides an excellent case study for the Redlands Institute that will integrate engineering models (such as HEC-RAS, HEC-EFM, and HEC-ResSim from the Hydrologic Engineering Center) with spatially-enabled ecosystem condition and decision support tools, such as Ecosystem Management Decision Support. Not only will this demonstrate spatial decision support systems, but it would organize and make available a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative watershed data and information for immediate use by local, state, and federal agencies.


Green River Basin, Kentucky

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Freshwater Resource Management

Threatened And Endangered Species Conservation

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Summary written by Andrew Miller. No detailed documentation available on web, so this case would need to be researched via telephone contacts/interviews.


Andrew Miller



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