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Agent Analyst

Agent Analyst is an agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS) extension for the ESRI's ArcGIS suite of products. Agent Analyst integrates and extends the functionalities of the open-source Repast modeling and simulation environment with the power and flexibility of ArcGIS and ArcObjects.

Agent Analyst fully integrates ABMS with GIS. Through this integration, GIS experts gain the ability to model behaviors and processes as change and movement over time (e.g., simulate land use and land cover changes, predator-prey interactions, or network flows and congestion) while ABMS modelers are able to incorporate detailed real-world environmental data, perform complex spatial processes, and study how behavior is constrained by space and geography. Furthermore, ABMS models can be include real-time GIS data feeds for situations such as disaster management, firefighting, or resource management.

Agent Analyst allows users to create, edit, and run Repast models from within the ArcGIS geoprocessing framework, including access through ArcToolbox, ModelBuilder, and ArcMap. The graphical Agent Analyst tools allow the user to create agents, schedule simulations, establish mappings to ArcGIS layers, and specify the behavior and interactions of the agents.

Graphical Ontology Browser

  • Click on a node to jump to the content of that node
  • Pan to see the rest of the graph
  • Scroll the mousewheel up and down to zoom in and out
  • Rearrange the nodes in the graph by dragging a node to a different position


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