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DEFINITE is an environmental planning analysis tool which uses judgement-based, ordinal, and cardinal data to help users characterize the system at hand and explore hidden interactions and emergent properties.

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DEFINITE (Decisions on a Finite Set of Alternatives) is a decision support software package that has been developed to improve the quality of environmental decision-making. DEFINITE is, in fact, a whole tool kit of methods that can be used on a wide variety of problems. If you have a problem to solve, and you can identify alternative solutions, then DEFINITE can weigh up the alternatives for you and assess the most reasonable alternative. The program contains a number of methods for supporting problem definition as well as graphical methods to support representation. To be able to deal with all types of information DEFINITE includes five different multicriteria methods, as well as Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness analysis. Related procedures such as weight assessment, standardization, discounting and a large variety of methods for sensitivity analysis are also available.


Rauscher (1999)Janssen, R.. van Hervijnen, M., 1992. DEFINITE: Decisions on a finite set of alternatives. Institute for Environmental Studies, Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Kluwer Academic Publishers, software on 2 disks.

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