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TPL Greenprint

TPL's Greenprint is a customizable GIS application designed to help communities make informed decisions about conservation priorities. The Greenprint framework provides a systematic approach for identifying currently unprotected areas that offer the highest conservation benefits based on locally identified priorities. The Greenprint GIS application is coupled with a stakeholder-driven community process for identifying location-specific conservation goals and for establishing funding and acquisition strategies for land protection.

Methods And Techniques Implemented (No Longer Available)

Image File Name

All (User Specified Application Domain)

Biodiversity Conservation


Alternative Evaluation

Status Assessment

Suitability Assessment

Model Type

Lake County, FL Greenprint

Travis County, TX Greenprint

Parent Categories

All (User Specified Domain Knowledge Modeling Area)

Landscape Analysis And Modeling

Management Process Modeling

Socioeconomic System Modeling

Domain Knowledge Modeling Area


Condition Analysis And Assessment

Constraints Specification

Domain Data Analysis

Rank Alternatives

Specify Criterion Weight


Decision Process Activity Types Served

Trade-Off Analysis

Weighted Linear Combination

Systems Functional Components

Data Management

GIS Display Integration

For Application Domains

Biophysical Process

Economic Process

Management Process

Social Process

User Defined Process

Supports Multi Spatial Scale Analysis

All (User Defined Analysis Extent)

For Application Domains

All (User Defined Unit Of Observation)

Accepts Data Of Process Types


Description Of System Components


Planning And Decision Process Phases/Steps Served



Windows XP

Supports Analysis Of Interdisciplinary Interactions


Accepts Data Of Process Types

ArcGIS ModelBuilder framework with custom ArcGIS extensions.





Accepts Data Of Process Types

Contact Developer

Analysis Unit

Regularly Distributed

Implementation Notes

The Trust For Public Land

Developer Assistance Needed For Installation/Configuration

Software Tools And Models - All

Spatial Decision Support Systems

Planning And Decision Process Phases/Steps Served


Online Download Available

Alternative Ranking, Decision Making

Condition Analysis And Assessment

Data Development, Management And Analysis


Glossary Display Property

Evaluative Models

Decision Problem Types Targeted

Spatial Decision Support Systems

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