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Habplan3 is a program for forest harvest and habitat scheduling.


Habplan is a landscape management and harvest scheduling program. Habplan allows you to build an objective function from the supplied components that show up as checkboxes on the main Habplan form. Habplan was designed to deal with spatial objectives, but can be used for harvest scheduling where there are no spatial or adjacency issues as well. Habplan can schedule multiple districts and can therefore handle strategic and tactical planning simultaneously. Habplan selects from management regimes that the user indicates are allowable for each polygon (stand). Any polygon may have from one to hundreds of allowed regimes. A regime encompasses everything that will be done to that polygon over the planning period. Regimes can therefore be multi-period, i.e. have multiple years where actions and outputs will occur. Habplan can handle plans involving thousands of polygons and regimes over long planning horizons. The limits depend only on the capacity of your computer. Habplan attempts to find the best overall management schedule using the Metropolis Algorithm, an optimization heuristic similar to simulated annealing. Habplan also integrates a linear programming module, which enables finding optimum non-spatial schedules for small problems.

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Paul C. Van Deusen. 1999. Multiple solution harvest scheduling. Silva Fennica 33(3): 207-216. []Paul C. Van Deusen. 2001. Scheduling spatial arrangement and harvest simultaneously. Silva Fennica 35(1): 85-92. []

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Habgen Regime Generator: helps to structure and generate alternative growth/yield/harvest possibilities as input data for Habplan; includes links to two southern loblolly pine growth models and the ability to link in other models. Habread: converts data from linear program MPS format into files that Habplan can read.lp_solve: an integrated linear programming tool.

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Linear Programming



National Commission On Science For Sustainable Forestry


Paul C. Van Deusen

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