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Regional Ecosystem And Land Management Decision Support System

Spatial optimization program used to assign strategic targets to tactical spatial units.

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Supports Analysis Of Interdisciplinary Interactions

Regional Ecosystems and Land Management Decision Support System (RELMdss) is a Linear Programming (LP) based optimization program which proportions forest-wide, strategic planning solutions to tactical sub-units of the forest. These sub-units are often watersheds or landscapes. The strategic solution usually comes from Spectrum, and is rarely geographically specific, which may result in implementation problems. RELM is used to proportion the strategic solution and test the feasibility of the forest-wide solution on a geographically specific basis. Cumulative effects and connected actions can be analyzed not only within a sub-unit, but between sub-units. This approach allows planners and decision makers to evaluate how alternative management scenarios may affect neighboring units. Depending on the environmental effect, analysis can occur at different scales.

Planning And Decision Process Phases/Steps Served

ArcView GIS/RELMdss: Integration of a Mathematical Programming Model Within ArcView GIS for a Spatial/Temporal Decision Support System []

Methods And Techniques Implemented (No Longer Available)

Domain Knowledge Modeling Area

Alternative Evaluation

Analysis Extent

Boise-Payette-Sawtooth National Forest Plan


Decision Modeling

Management Process Modeling

Socioeconomic System Modeling

Vegetation Management

Watershed Analysis

Domain Knowledge Modeling Area

Alternative Generation

Rank Alternatives


Supports Multi Spatial Scale Analysis

Linear Programming

Optimization Methods

Trade-Off Analysis

Tool Maker


Software Required

Biophysical Process

Economic Process

User Defined Process

Contact Person

All (User Defined Analysis Extent)

Patch Extent

Subregional Extent

Systems Functional Components

All (User Defined Unit Of Observation)

Information Source


Methods And Techniques Implemented


Decision Problem Types Targeted

Windows 95/98

Model Type

C-Whiz Linear Programming (LP) Software

Description Of System Components

Conversion programs to link Arc-Info and Spectrum to RELMdss exist.

Accepts Data Of Process Types




Analysis Unit

Regularly Distributed

Model Type

USDA Forest Service - Region 5

Planning And Decision Process Phases/Steps Served

National Commission On Science For Sustainable Forestry


Klaus Barber


User needs to define the problems. One must describe the problem in terms of Targets, Objectives, Thresholds (constraints), State Variables, and Desired Future Conditions at the various scales of hierarchy that one wishes to analyze.“SCENARIO” SOLUTIONMINIMUM AREA OPTIONEQUIVALENT RISK OPTION




Decision Model

Evaluative Models

Simulation Models

Analysis Extent

Spatial Decision Support Systems

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