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DSS to help watershed councils plan restoration activities.

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The overall objective of this study is to refine integrate models of watershed function and economic characterizations of restoration options with stakeholder-determined constraints and priorities to provide a tool for stakeholders to identify feasible restoration strategies and evaluate the ecological and economic effectiveness of these strategies at addressing watershed-level function. The approach involves integrating 1) models of hydrology, water quality, biodiversity, and habitat quality at the watershed scale, 2) socioeconomic analyses of stakeholder constraints on feasible restoration options and 3) economic analysis of restoration options to develop a GIS-based decision tool for generating and evaluating restoration strategies consistent with stakeholder goals.

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Lamy, F.; Bolte, J.; Santelmann, M.; Smith, C. 2002. Development and evalution of multiple-objective decision-making methods for watershed management planning. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 38(2): 517-529

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Hydrologic Analysis

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Landscape Analysis And Modeling

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Watershed Analysis

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Planning And Decision Process Phases/Steps Served




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Bioresource Engineering Dept., Oregon State University


National Commission On Science For Sustainable Forestry


John P. Bolte

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Spatial Decision Support Systems

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