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Geodesign Process Workflow

While a GeoDesign process may be applied to a wide range of application domains and in different design and decision contexts, and may assume different process workflows, there is a typical sequence of steps that help guide the process. The order of these steps is not rigid – one may perform them in a different order, or one can go back to some previous step at any point of the process. The main steps include problem and goal identification, design requirement development, design process mapping, condition assessment, suitability analysis, iterative design creation and refinement, impact and performance assessment, design alternative selection, implementation, monitoring, review, etc.

Graphical Ontology Browser

  • Click on a node to jump to the content of that node
  • Pan to see the rest of the graph
  • Scroll the mousewheel up and down to zoom in and out
  • Rearrange the nodes in the graph by dragging a node to a different position


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